Multistate Travel Fund Policy and Procedures

October 6, 2017


When traveling to a meeting

CALS’ Experiment Station offers reimbursement, up to $1000, for approved travel expenses for faculty whose salary is supported by CALS' Experiment Station funding and who are authorized representatives of the Experiment Station, to attend one, official, multistate committee meeting, per committee, per year. This policy is meant to support travel of persons designated as “head” CALS Experiment Station representatives for their committees and CALS faculty who serve as "Administrative Advisors" (AAs) on multistate committees. However, approved alternate representatives may attend in their place. The representative’s USDA-NIFA project reporting must be current to attend.


When hosting the committee’s meeting

In lieu of reimbursement for travel to a Multistate Committee meeting, CALS’ Experiment Station can provide funding, up to a maximum $1000, for approved meeting expenses for authorized representatives of the Experiment Station to host one Multistate Committee meeting per annum.



Procedure to Follow When Planning to Travel to a Meeting

Please contact Janet Brodie,, 4-0249, if you need assistance with any part of the following process:

  1. Travel cannot be authorized until the meeting has officially been called and posted to NIMSS ( by the committee’s administrative advisor. If you are unsure if it has been called and posted in NIMSS:
    1. Go to
    2. Type in your committee number (e.g. NC1198) in the search field; select “Search”
    3. Select “View”
    4. Select “Meetings”
    5. Select “View Meeting Authorization.” If you do not find a “View Meeting Authorization” tab and believe the meeting has been called by the committee’s administrative advisor, please contact the administrative advisor.
  2. If someone other than the designated “head” CALS Experiment Station representative or the AA for the committee is requesting travel authorization, please contact Associate Dean Dr. Joe Colletti, to request approval prior to proceeding with this travel authorization process. Please copy Janet Brodie,, 4-0249, on the email.
  3. Prior to departure and prior to charging any airline travel or meeting expenses, please complete and submit a travel authorization via AccessPlus, OR follow you department's usual procedure for pre-approval of travel AND contact Janet Brodie or Lynn Laws to make sure you are authorized to travel on behalf of the Experiment Station. An Employee Reimbursements Tutorial can be found at
    1. Use your department’s current procedure for entering electronic forms. If you need assistance, please contact your department’s administrative assistant or Janet Brodie,, 4-0249.
    2. Use the Experiment Station account number for up to $1000 of estimated expenses. Please contact Janet Brodie,, 4-0249, to get the current account number.
    3. Include the committee’s project number (e.g. NC1198) somewhere on the travel authorization form.
    4. All expenditures must be both allowable and appropriate, have an ISU business purpose and comply with USDA, Regents and ISU spending policies. USDA Uniform Guidance regarding travel costs (e-CFR, section 200.474) can be found at  
  4. Once completed and submitted, your travel authorization, involving multistate research funds, will be routed through the Administrative Services Unit in 133 Curtiss Hall. Currently, Janet Brodie,, 4-0249, has authorization to review these travel requests on behalf of the College of Agriculture and Life Science Administration.
  5. You will be notified via email if your travel authorization has been approved. Expenses charged to this account prior to travel approval may be denied.


Procedure to Follow When Planning to Host the Committee’s Meeting

  1. Prior to the meeting, develop a preliminary budget.
  2. Prior to the meeting, email your preliminary budget to Dr. Joe Colletti, to request up to a maximum of $1,000 for approved meeting expenses. Please copy Janet Brodie,, 4-0249, and your department’s administrative assistant(s) on the email.
  3. If you receive approval, please be sure Janet Brodie and your department’s administrative assistant(s) know you have received approval to charge up to $1,000 of approved meeting expenses to the Experiment Station account number. Please contact Janet Brodie,, 4-0249, to confirm the current account number.


We appreciate faculty who represent Iowa State University and the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station on multistate committees. We are pleased to be able to offer funding to help defray the cost of attending/hosting official Multistate Committee meetings called by administrative advisors.