SY/PY/TY Definition


Scientist Year (SY)
A "Scientist" (Assistant Professor and above) is a research worker responsible for creative scientific study, thought originality, judgments, and accomplishments directly assignable to the project reported. This should include the efforts of leaders of investigation, project leaders, and portions of time of supervisory working scientists or staff assistants whose work meets the preceding definition. Administrative staff are excluded, unless they are active participants in the research actions of a project and meet the above requirements. Centralized statistical or other analytical staff should not be included.


Professional Year (PY)
These are persons who hold positions in professional categories and who are assigned to research activities of the project, but who are not held responsible for scientific originality of the research nor for planning and conducting the more difficulty aspects of the work. Include professional research service staffs. A few may hold the Ph.D. or equivalent degree, and may be in a higher level academic position because of special abilities, but still may be categorized as research assistant or as research support rather than as research scientist. Such professionals usually hold one or more college degrees and have otherwise qualified for employment in a professional category. Graduate students, by virtue of their degree and acceptance in graduate school, may be categorized as "professionals." To be so categorized, they must be discharging intellectual responsibilities at a professional level. Outstanding graduate students with sound backgrounds of professional accomplishments may thoroughly merit the responsibilities of a scientist. Do not under-rate the competence and value of such a worker because of a temporary status as a graduate student. Most of them will be rated as "professional support."


Technical year (TY)
These are research technicians, aids, and laboratory assistants assigned to the project.