Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station

Iowa State University, College of Agriculture, ResearchWhat Is the Experiment Station?

The Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station (IAHEES) is the title of the research program that has addressed immediate and long-term needs of Iowans for more than 115 years. Established at Iowa State in 1888, the Experiment Station fulfilled a Congressional charge for land-grant universities to develop organizations to advance science for the citizens of their states. The dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences serves as director of the Experiment Station.


Where Is the Experiment Station?

Because of its name, the Experiment Station sometimes is mistakenly viewed as Iowa State research farms and labs. Those are important places for its work, but the Experiment Station is not a physical location. Rather, it is a vital research program involving hundreds of people, hundreds of partners and connections to extension reaching Iowans in every county.




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Why the Experiment Station?

The Experiment Station's advances in biological, physical and social sciences have contributed greatly to Iowa. Experiment Station research and ISU Extension not only help Iowa remain a world leader in food production, they address societal issues intimately linked to agriculture, including economic development, life-science frontiers, the environment, public policy, and families and communities. Innovation resulting from Experiment Station research is one reason why Iowa State University is among the nation's leading universities in transferring research and technology into commercial uses. Experiment Station research makes up a significant portion of ISU's annual patent disclosures and active licensing and commercial agreements.